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May 1-31, 2024 | Play your matches any outdoor table tennis court

April 4, 2024 – PingPongInVancouver.com welcomes all of you rugged outdoor table tennis aficionados to enter the first annual Vancouver Open Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament, or what we affectionately call the VOOTTT! The VOOTTT will be a totally unique month-long tournament from May 1-31 and for this first year, it’s FREE to enter.

There are three categories of play, corresponding to the levels in our Players Directory. These are beginner, intermediate and advanced, and each category is limited to 16 participants max. So call your friends and sign-up today! Deadline for entering the VOOTTT is April 23rd at 5pm. The round-robin groups will be released on April 26th.

Participants will arrange to play their draw matches at any of the outdoor tables in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri-Cities, etc. and then submit the results for posting on PingPongInVancouver.com. Play and win as many matches as you can in your round-robin group to be in a good position to win gold, silver or bronze for your category.

And while we haven’t confirmed this: the final matches for gold (1st), silver (2nd), and bronze (3rd) in each category of the VOOTTT will scheduled Saturday, June 1 or June 9 at new Windermere Tables, 27th and Lillooet Street where all participants are invited to attend. The get-together event will include the presentation of the medals, draws for prizes from Secret Weapon Sports, PPinVan’s exclusive sponsor, and expert table tennis demonstrations by top local table tennis players. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

Click on the boxes below to read details of the VOOTTT, to enter the VOOTTT, and to become familiar with the basic rules of table tennis.

Our Official Tournament Sponsor

Secret Weapon Sports is local, online and dependable, with competitive pricing on a vast array of major table tennis brands. What’s more, shop owner Jason Li is dedicated to building the sport of table tennis in Vancouver and beyond. Get your DHS Outdoor Table Tennis Balls here!

Here's how the VOOTTT works:

  1. The VOOTTT is FREE to enter but you have to be committed by fully participating as best you can.
  2. There are three categories of participation: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  3. Participants can enter only one category commensurate with their skill level.
  4. There is be a maximum of 16 entries per category.
  5. Play within each category will be round-robin style with each player playing as many others in their group as possible.
  6. The medals –gold, silver, bronze – will be awarded to best performances within each category based on an individual’s number of matches played along with their win/loss record.
  7. You must be 18 or older to participate in the VOOTTT.
  8. Participants need to provide your own racquets and balls. Outdoor balls, 40% heavier than regulation 40+ balls, are available from Secret Weapon Sports.
  9. General ITTF Rules of Table Tennis apply although there will be no restrictions on clothing or racquets and racquet coverings.
  10. All matches are best 4 out of 7 games.
  11. All matches results should be reported on the same day as the match to keep results board up-to-date.
  12. Participants must be proactive by contacting opponents to schedule and play their draw matches.
  13. It’s up to each participant to contact each other participant in your match group to schedule your matches.

The basic rules of table tennis:

  1. Games: A game is played to 11 points. A game must be won by two points.
  2. Match: A match is generally the best 3 of 5 games but for the VOOTTT, a match will be 4 out of 7.
  3. Alternate serves: Each side of the table serving two points at a time, then the other side serves two point.
  4. The deuce exception: After tied 10-10 (“deuce”), service alternates at every point.
  5. Lose on a serve: Can you lose on a serve in ping pong? Yes! There is no separate rule for serving on game point, except to win by 2 points.
  6. Toss the ball when serving: How do you serve the ball in ping pong? Hold the ball in your open palm, behind your end of the table. Toss at least 6” straight up, and strike it on the way down. It must hit your side of the table and then the other side. NOTE: Once the ball leaves the server’s hand it is in play, and so counts as the receiver’s point if the ball is missed or mis-hit.
  7. The serve can land anywhere: There is no restriction on where the served ball can land on your side or your opponent’s side of the table. It can bounce two or more times on your opponent’s side (if so, that’s your point), bounce over the side, or even hit the edge.
  8. Need more detailed rules of table tennis? Check out everything you need and don’t really need to know about the ITTF rules of table tennis by clicking here.

Enter the VOOTTT:

Basic registration rules:

• There is a maximum of 16 entrants in each category
• Registration closes at 5pm PDT on April 23rd
• The round-robin draws will be released on April 26th
• Play officially begins on May 1 and ends on May 31.
• All matches must be reported within 24 hours after completion (thanks!)

Categories of Play:

Please select the category that best matches your current skill level

What happens next?

After entering the VOOTTT we recommend you get outside and play table tennis as often as possible to become familiar with your new irritating friend, Gus T. Winz. Gus will become very familiar to you as the uninvited third player at each of your VOOTTT matches. So get to know Gus well to perform your best.

Consent & Release Waiver

By checking the box below this statement, I release fully and completely PingPongInVancouver.com and its editors from any and all liability resulting from any and all accidents, injuries or deaths that may result from my participation in the month-long VOOTTT. I am completely responsible for myself and my actions when I participate in each match and I will act within the accepted rules of behaviour for an athlete participating in any sport in a public venue.

Playing table tennis outdoors is challenging, often frustrating, sometimes humbling, but always rewarding.

Gus T. Winz

World Outdoor Table Tennis Champion, 1960-69. At the time of his death in 1974, Mr Winz trans-substantiated to become one with the sport of table tennis and now, in the form of any significant ball-altering breeze, he lives on to irritate and frustrate players of the outdoor game relentlessly .