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Welcome to Ping Pong In Vancouver! This is a non-profit, ad-free website built with three goals in mind by Vancouver citizens who love table tennis, affectionately referred to as ping pong. One, we list places to play ping pong in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and soon Coquitlam. Two, we advocate for standardized table tennis infrastructure in Vancouver parks. Three, we connect players looking for partners. Thank you to all who have added your name to the Players Directory, and may you find friends to play.

What's happening now…

Updated: May 29, 2023 – Did you watch the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships from Durban, South Africa? If you did, you would have witnessed perhaps the best table tennis tournament ever in terms of entertainment and level of play. The darkened venue isolated a centre court that has never looked better; the camera work was intimate and contemporary; the slow motion highlights with a cool down-beat music track between games. Stunning! The eight day tournament presented the world’s best players in this perfect setting and the matches did not disappoint. The Mens Singles finals saw the top two seeds Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin battle it out with incredible rallies that went on forever with each player giving 120%. Congratulations to everyone involved from the top to bottom for creating this stellar event from Durban. Wonderful!

Back down to earth: outdoor table tennis courts are popping up like flowers this spring in Burnaby parks. We’ve now published four reports on table tennis courts in Burnaby parks; each court standardized with three tables set on big asphalt pads surrounded by grass! Clearly there’s a table tennis enthusiast and visionary somewhere near the centres of power at Burnaby Parks & Recreation.

Meanwhile, we have great news for fans of outdoor table tennis! Vancouver’s first dedicated table tennis court at Windermere Community Fitness Park (WCFP) has received funding from the honourable Adrian Dix, BC’s health minister. Brad White, PE Director at Windermere Secondary and educator behind the project confirmed to PPinVan that $44,000 was secured for the project. The grant covers the cost of a 20 by 80 feet concrete pad and two concrete tables and two benches overlooking the court. this project could be completed by mid-July! Stay tuned for an update.

We’ll also be reviewing the lower mainland’s newest dedicated table tennis club, Cosports in Coquitlam.

Speaking of Coquitlam, we have had a reported sighting of two brand new concrete tables on the plaza outside of the municipal hall. Our intrepid reporters are gearing up to investigate and report in the  week to come.

Once our inventory of current community centre table tennis programs is complete, PPinVan will be publishing evaluations, including the best, the worst, and the hidden gems. Stay tuned, and keep chasing that small white ball!

Table tennis, ping pong, whatever you want to call it, is an accessible, cooperative sport, where fun and athleticism meet in the moment, where the problems of the world temporarily fall away as you chat, laugh, hit great shots, or rally nice and easy. Table tennis invites you to play. Namasté.

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Burnaby Parks Courts

Cameron Park Tables (Burnaby)

What can we say? Here is another quality table tennis court located in a Burnaby park! It seems Burnaby is treating table tennis like a real sport by building courts in parks, just like tennis but at a fraction of the cost. Surrounded by trees, the Cameron Park Tables may be the best outdoor table tennis court in Burnaby.

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Free Ping Pong

401 Georgia Table

The lone ping pong table at 401 West Georgia seems like it would be a favourite for office workers at noon hour. This second table tennis court associated with a downtown office building is not the oasis like the Oxford Place Tables, but it is completely sheltered from rain positioned under the overhang of the office tower. Tucked in close to the building, the table is also likely shielded from some of the winds that often plague outdoor ping pong on plazas.

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Burnaby Parks Courts

Confederation Park Tables (Burnaby)

The Confederation Park Table Tennis Court is our latest “discovery” of great places to play free, outdoor public ping pong in Burnaby. Adjacent to the tennis courts, this new, spacious court sports three beautiful Cornilleau table tennis tables set on an isolated asphalt pad complete with a seating area along the eastern edge. Good job once again, Burnaby Parks & Rec!

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Table Tennis Clubs

GVPPS – Greater Vancouver Ping Pong Society

Meet head coach Helen Wu and the Greater Vancouver Ping Pong Society, the latest table tennis club to open up in Burnaby. We haven’t visited yet to play but Helen kindly submitted a description of the club and programs, and we like what we see.

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What's New

Approved: Vancouver’s First Dedicated Table Tennis Court

Great news for local outdoor table tennis enthusiasts! Word is out that Health Minister Adrian Dix granted $45,000 last week towards the Vancouver School Board’s proposed table tennis court at Windermere Community Fitness Park. The dedicated table tennis court on VSB property is a first for Vancouver, a municipality with no dedicated table tennis courts on city land or parks.

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What's New

Public Ping Pong Survey Results

It’s no secret: Vancouver isn’t big on ping pong in parks. To help advocate for safe public ping pong tables in parks, Ping Pong In Vancouver has been asking for your input on where you’d like to see table tennis tables in a park near you. If you live in Burnaby or New Westminster, you can head down to your local park to play table tennis on tables set on an asphalt pad surrounded by grass and shade trees. Why can’t it be the same for citizens of Vancouver? Tell us where you’d like to see a safe place to play ping pong near you!

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Burnaby Parks Courts

Willingdon Heights Park Tables (Burnaby)

Vancouver zero, Burnaby three, if you’re keeping score. The municipality of Burnaby is in the lead when it comes to outdoor table tennis courts in city parks, and the new Willingdon Heights Park table tennis court is yet another example of a safe, standardized place to enjoy your fave sport in your local park. Way to go, Burnaby! Pay attention, Vancouver park planners!

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What's New

Public Ping Pong Survey

Besides becoming a go-to listing for places to play ping pong in Vancouver, we want to be a voice for promoting public ping pong in Vancouver. Specifically, we would like to see ping pong installations in Vancouver parks consisting of a slab of asphalt or concrete with a table in the middle, surrounded by a safety barrier of lawn, a recreational installation very common in European parks from Derbyshire to Berlin

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What's New

World Table Tennis Day: Meet & Greet!

Celebrate World Table Tennis Day with us a few days late! Due to predicted wet weather, our Meet & Greet originally scheduled for WTTD on April 23 has been postponed until Saturday, April 29. We Invite all ping pong players to drop by, say hello, meet other players, play some matches, win some prizes, watch a demo by some skilled players, learn about skills and the technical side of the sport, and exchange ideas on how to make Vancouver into Ping Pong City. Eveyone welcome!

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