Where to play table tennis in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam

Image above and post image: Burnaby is home to several table tennis courts each with 2 to 3 tables set on large asphalt pads. These park-based courts are safe places to play your fave sport, require zero maintenance, and can be built at a fraction of the cost of a tennis or paddleball court.

Tell us where you'd like to see ping pong in a park near you.

Here are the survey results so far

About 18 months ago, we created a survey asking our readers where they’d like to see table tennis tables in Vancouver’s parks. The flood gates opened and within 3 months we’d collected nearly 50 submissions with more than 30 park locations suggested. They’ve been trickling in slowly ever since and one of our goals this spring is to update the map below with all additional recommendations for safe, free ping pong tables in Vancouver parks. In the meantime, keep your suggestions coming in!

Why are there no public table tennis tables in Vancouver’s parks besides the sad installation at Kits beach? That’s a good question. Table tennis is a low-barrier sport for all ages and abilities that offers numerous benefits physically and mentally. Unlike tennis courts which are more numerous in Vancouver’s parks than trees, table tennis infrastructure is relatively cheap to build and maintain by comparison. So, why are there no table tennis tables nor plans for ping pong in parks? We’ve tried to find out but so far PPinVan has been ignored completely by Vancouver’s park planners. We encourage you to contact Vancouver Parks Board officials to ask for safe table tennis infrastructure in Vancouver parks.

Our target is to collect 100 surveysโ€ฆ

To date: 63%
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You've asked for ping pong tables in these parks

From the survey results, we’ve created a map showing where people want to see ping pong tables in parks. As surveys are received, we add new parks to this map. Some parks have received multiple recommendations which we have noted.

= Parks recommended by readers for public ping pong tables (Updated: March 23, 2023)

Gallery of Parks with Potential for Public Ping Pong

Here’s a gallery of parks where supporters of public ping pong have requested ping pong tables be installed. Thanks to everybody who submitted a request. Keep them coming. There’s no park where table tennis wouldn’t be a good fit ๐Ÿ™‚