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Do you offer table tennis for free or for a fee? Are you a community centre, sports facility, bar or lounge, a private club with table tennis tables? Well, you’ve come to the right place to list your ping pong profferings. Ping Pong In Vancouver is a website devoted to connecting ping pong players with table tennis opportunities near them.

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Here are the standards:
Minimum Space: End Clearance: 5’ | 1.53 m; Side Clearance: 3’ | .9 m; Overall Length: 19’ | 5.8 m; Overall Width: 11’ | 3.4 m; Overall Area: 209 ft2
Recreational Play: Overall Length: 28’ | 8.5 m; Overall Width: 13’ | 4 m; Overall Area: 364 ft2 | 33.8 m2
International Tournament: Overall Length: 46’ | 14 m; Overall Width: 23’ | 7 m; Overall Area: 1,058 ft2 | 98.3 m
3. Describe the amount of space between tables, on average:
4. Describe the ceiling height over the playing area:
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