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The BCTTA: Then and Now

Investigating the BCTTA Series: #2, The BCTTA Then & Now

The original BCTTA built connections with players across BC while today's BCTTA ignores players not associated with Bridgeport TT Club

Since publishing a revelatory insider’s view of today’s BCTTA two months ago, we’ve spent a lot of time speaking with players –adults, kids, club owners, newcomers to the sport and those who have played for decades– and we’ve heard pretty much the same discouraging reports from nearly everyone in the table tennis community on the failure of the BCTTA to serve the needs of players outside the small group patronizing the BCTTA headquarters, Bridgeport Table Tennis Club. While the latter group enjoys a yearly calendar dotted with tournaments to generate revenue for the Bridgeport Table Tennis Club, other players, other clubs, and stakeholders everywhere else throughout BC remain ignored, frustrated, and forgotten. Most people we spoke with asked the same question in one form or another. They asked somewhat rhetorically how one profit-oriented table tennis club is officially entitled to claim all available public funding by posing as the sport’s governing agency in BC, while not even pretending to take the needs of the broader table tennis community to heart. For our editors, it’s been rather shocking to hear this has been going on year after year in full view (and perhaps full knowledge) of funding agencies like Viasport and Table Tennis Canada who’ve got to be pretending that all is well the despite complaints we know they receive.

In this post we’ll compare the original BCTTA, a true “association” of a broad coalition of stakeholders and it’s decades-long efforts to build the sport of table tennis in BC, to today’s pseudo BC Table Tennis Association which exists apparently not to build the sport but to keep it small and exclusive to one entitled table tennis club.

We are completely open to hearing a response from the BCTTA and/or its funding agencies confirming or challenging what we have reported below. All responses from the BCTTA, Viasport and Table Tennis Canada are welcomed and will be published here on PingPongInVancouver.com.

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