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A directory of ping pong players looking for partners

Updated July 27, 2022 – Hello and welcome to Ping Pong In Vancouver’s latest addition, the Players Directory. We created this page because ping pong players like you have asked us to help find people to play. We’re here to make that happen! First off, just so you know, this page is public like a bulletin board at your local community centre so choose a user name and email that you’re comfortable displaying publicly. The info you provide is converted from text to an image so spambots can’t read your contact info. Fill out the form below, answer a few questions about your level of play and preferences for playing locations, etc., and you’re all set. We create the directory from your submissions, and you do the connecting amongst yourselves. The form you send in takes about 12 hours max to become part of the directory. If you want your name to be taken off the page, please contact us and we will remove your name and info within 12 hours max.

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We prepare your directory entry in Photoshop as in the samples above. This means your user name and email become part of a bitmapped image and, as such, cannot be read by bots.