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Buying ping pong gear? Try K8 Strings!

[Editor: Yes, we know ping pong racquets don’t have strings, but do read on…]

The editors here at Ping Pong In Vancouver spend a ridiculous amount of time playing on the three tables at Empire Fields. On the way to the tables, we always pass K8 Strings Sporting Goods Store, a racquet sports shop at Renfrew and First Avenue, specializing in expert-level tennis and badminton racquet restringing. The other day we stopped by to see if table tennis gear was included along with their current inventory of tennis and badminton racquets. We were pleasantly surprised to see that yes, they have table tennis racquets, ball and accessories. The inventory was small but exacting: a good range of entry level Donic and Schildkrot racquets from $16.99 to $84.99, a racquet for any player from beginner to intermediate. K8 Strings also sells balls and racquet cases. When you show up at an outdoor public table and pull a racquet from the case, it shows you’re a play-ya 🙂

Here’s the thing. We’ve contacted every big and small ping pong pro shop in Canada, offering free advertising on our website. That’s right: free. Why? Because we want to help our readers locate and buy the table tennis gear they want. Well, we were completely ignored by everyone we contacted. I guess it sounded, for those vendors, too good to be true. So, it’s befitting for Ping Pong In Vancouver to endorse K8 Strings as a go-to source for ping pong gear. It’s a fine local shop with a humble owner who prefers to let his prices and restringing workmanship be front and centre. Let’s encourage him to expand his ping pong gear section by getting your next new ping pong racquet here.

K8 Strings offers a good range of entry level Donic and Schildkrot table tennis racquets from priced well from $16.99 to $84.99, a racquet for every player from beginner to intermediate

1683 Renfrew St., Vancouver