Where to play table tennis in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam

Vancouver Vs. Burnaby

Above header image: The lone ankle-breaker table tennis court at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver

Vancouver has less than one table tennis court while Burnaby boasts a dozen safe and spacious courts

Ping Pong In Vancouver has been trying for two years to get the attention of Vancouver’s park planners and/or parks commissioners. We haven’t been successful at making contact. We have emailed Vancouver Parks and Recreation requesting an interview; we even got close to speaking briefly with a senior planner over the phone to request an interview. He seemed bemused that we had breached the inner sanctum and told us in no uncertain terms that we would have to contact the communications department with our list of questions to request an interview with him. As expected, all attempts at contacting the Vancouver Parks and Recreation’s communications department were ignored. These mysterious bureaucrats, who we have concluded appear to be uninterested in what the public thinks, make long-term decisions that effect all citizens who use parks. For instance, someone at Vancouver Parks and Recreation planning department authorized the pathetic and dangerous table tennis court you see in the above photo, the one and only outdoor table tennis court to appear in a Vancouver park to date. Compare this Burnaby Parks and Recreation’s series of well-conceived outdoor table tennis courts situated safely in parks around the municipality. Here are a few images of Burnaby’s table tennis courts:

More pics and complete reviews:

Advocate for table tennis in Vancouver parks!

Table tennis courts belong in parks as much as tennis courts. A 3-court table tennis installation costs just a fraction of the cost of a 3-court tennis installation. It’s a fraction of the size, requires no fencing, and almost no maintenance over the lifetime of the court. Table tennis is a popular world wide sport with universal appeal offering easy access for players of all ages and abilities. It’s time this sport be given a place in Vancouver parks! Let’s follow Burnaby’s example! Use the links below to send a pre-addressed email message to your area’s parks commissioner asking for table tennis facilities to be installed in your local park: