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Meet our official table tennis equipment supplier

Since launching PingPongInVancouver.com we have reached out near and far to find a table tennis equipment business we could believe in enough to want to partner with. What were we looking for in a partner? Besides providing us with event gear and prizes in exchange for exposure, we wanted to team up with a business we would be proud to be associated with. We found the perfect fit with Jason Li and Secret Weapon Sports.

Why we chose Secret Weapon Sports

Our mission at PingPongInVancouver.com is to be a no-bulls**t, go-to website for all things that have to do with table tennis in the lower mainland. We do not hit you with ads. We have no model for making a profit. The work we do everyday to provide great information about table tennis is simply a gesture of the love we feel towards the sport and those who play. With our heart compass set to love, we move in the direction of achieving our goals a little each day. That’s how we found and connected with Secret Weapon Sports, our official gear and prizes supplier, and soon to be your’s once you get to know Jason Li and his company.

We chose Secret Weapon Sports based on several criteria. First, we preferred to work with a business that was 100% exclusive to table tennis. Second, we wanted to work with a business that was based in Vancouver or at least the lower mainland. Third, we wanted to partner with a business committed to customer service. This meant the prices had to be very competitive with the big national and international industry players like PingPongDepot, Bowmar Sports, PaddlePalace and TableTennis11. The order process had to be smooth, inventory and the availability of popular gear had to be comparable, and delivery and wait times had to be expeditious. Secret Weapon Sports checked all the boxes, plus some we hadn’t even considered. For instance, Secret Weapon Sports is a small, efficient home-based online operation with no extra costs such as warehouse rent being passed down to you through the price you pay for gear. And on a personal level, Jason Li is clearly passionate about the sport of table tennis. He is committed to making long-term connections as the go-to supplier, player by player, with the table tennis community in Vancouver, the lower mainland, BC, and beyond. We sincerely hope that by providing exposure here on our website we help Jason and Secret Weapon Sports achieve this goal.

Some not-so-secret facts about Secret Weapon Sports

Company History

Jason Li launched Secret Weapon Sports in Vancouver in 2017 in response to the need for a dependable local table tennis equipment supplier. Btw, what a great name!

Making Connections

With inspiration and initiative from his high school best friend Frank, Jason started a meet up group to connect and coach others, for the purpose of introducing more people to this sport.

Building Community

Jason sponsors popular annual events like the BC Secondary Schools Table Tennis Championships Tournament, the TechPong Fundraiser, and he has outfitted both the UBC and McGill TT teams.

Sharing Knowledge

Jason plans to offer free gear clinics periodically where you can try racquets and rubbers, ask technical questions, and more. In the meantime, Jason will consult with customers on gear before buying.

Connect with Jason Li and Secret Weapon Sports

Upcoming Sponsored Events

The Vancouver Open Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament

Ping Pong In Vancouver is proud to be the parent of a new baby, our little VOOTTT, whose full name is (the) Vancouver Open Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament. Over the next month or so of gestation, our little concept will mature rapidly to become Vancouver’s first-ever outdoor table tennis tournament! This much we know for sure: the VOOTTT will be free to enter and will run over the month of May. Registrants will arrange matches with one another at any of the free outdoor tables in Vancouver or Burnaby. Results will be submitted and tallied on the website. That’s the outline. Details to follow…

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