Where to play table tennis in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam

Celebrating World Table Tennis Day

Join Ping Pong In Vancouver in celebrating the ITTF Foundation’s World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) on April 23, 2024. On this date annually groups around the globe celebrate the world’s second largest participation sport. Last year there were more than 440 celebrations in 111 countries. We invite you to be part of Ping Pong In Vancouver’s week-long celebration of WTTD 2024 starting April 16.

A Review of Table Tennis at Vancouver Community Centres

This photo is of a large activity room at Marpole Community Centre where you can call-in to play table tennis when the room is free.

Community centres are the final frontier for those who love to meet up with friends to play table tennis. With few dedicated clubs and sky-high real estate prices in the city, there are no places to play that are as convenient and inexpensive as your local community centre. Despite a city full of community centres, organized table tennis programs are few. It’s our hope this article will motivate table tennis fans to advocate for our sport.

My Year of Magical Thinking

From the author: “Here’s a lesson about being careful what you wish for. In a very short period of time, I had gone from being an average table tennis player to being voted in as the communications director of the BC Table Tennis Association (BCTTA). With the directorship came the capacity to initiate positive changes within an agency whose best days seemed to have passed. Or so I thought. This is a brief story of my year as a director of the BCTTA and what I found about about the state of the sport of table tennis in BC.

Windermere Table Tennis Court

For fans of outdoor table tennis in Vancouver, the day has finally arrived. The new Windermere Community Table Tennis Court is open! When Ping Pong In vancouver visited on Sunday, December 17, playing conditions, just shy of the shortest day of the year, could not have been better. We played with abandon under sunny skies, no wind and a balmy 10ºC. Our conclusion: this is one very nice place to play ping pong in Vancouver!

KK’s Table Tennis Club

Ken Kwang is a table tennis entrepreneur of the highest order, able to mould and shape a table tennis club out of any available space. KK’s latest iteration at 1136 Queens Avenue in New Westminster is a fine example of his ability to adapt. KK’s is a bit like a makeshift PingPod with small to medium and one large table tennis courts in rooms that would otherwise be offices above an automotive business in an industrial area of town next to the Fraser.

The Church Table Tennis Club

What began as a rumour of a table tennis club situated in a church turned out to be a holy grail of a discovery for table tennis fans aching for the perfect place to play. We visited on December 1 and did not expect the level of ping pong perfection we found. The church offered a trinity of perfect conditions: great lighting, great floors and plenty of space around each table. Beyond these features the church based-club was open relatively long hours and charged a pittance of a drop-in fee at $6 per three hours!

Completed: Vancouver’s First Dedicated Table Tennis Court

Great news for Vancouver outdoor table tennis enthusiasts! Last spring Health Minister Adrian Dix granted $44,000 towards the Vancouver School Board’s proposed table tennis court at Windermere Community Fitness Park located at 27th Avenue and Lillooet Street. And as of December 4, 2023, the dedicated table tennis court, a first for Vancouver, is now open. We can’t weight for a dry day to try it out!

Ping Pong In New York City

Ping Pong In Vancouver’s Editor-in-Chief Beeyo travelled to New York city this past September to, apart from the touristy things, check out the table tennis scene in the borough of Manhattan. Expecting to find a long established downtown clubs and a thriving community of players around every free ping pong table in town, here’s what he found…

TT4Ever for Everyone, Everywhere

Who says kids are self-absorbed with their heads buried in social media? Not the kids who make up TT4Ever, a non-profit dedicated to promoting access to table tennis for everyone, for ever. The Ontario-based table tennis advocacy group led by table tennis star and university student Kevin Guo, sprang into being last year. It’s made up of young people like Kevin who have a strong belief in table tennis as a sport that unites people, helps people heal, and extends the boundaries open to people with physical limitations. TT4EVER and the North Shore Table Tennis Club held an exciting fundraising tournament on September 9 drawing excellent local talent and visiting players from Japan and Ukraine.

Coquitlam Municipal Hall Tables

We started out listing and evaluating places to play ping pong in Vancouver but since the city has so few places to play, we’ve moved on to adjacent municipalities like Burnaby, New Westminster and now Coquitlam. Over the Canada Day weekend, we dropped by the lower mainland’s latest outdoor public table tennis court, Coquitlam Municipal Hall Tables. Nice! There are two aggregate stone table tennis tables by Sanderson Concrete, the go-to table when you want the installation to last 50 years, set towards the edge of a large plaza that by design, invites people to stay awhile.