Where to play table tennis in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam

Ping Pong In Paris

It’s common knowledge among travellers from the table tennis community here in Vancouver that European and Asian cities are far friendlier to table tennis than cities in North America. Just look online at images of parks in cities across Europe and Asia that more often than not show table tennis tables among the trees and grass and other recreation amenities offered. In this post, we visit France, home to the upcoming 2024 Olympics to see what table tennis is like in Paris.

You Guide To Playing Table Tennis Outdoors

In preparation for the VOOTTT, our editors take a hard swing at everything you need to know about playing table tennis outdoors under all conditions. We’ll examine table surfaces, TT equipment and objective hazards, and yes, we’ll introduce you to the “Canon Of Outdoor Knowledge Of Ping Pong” aka the COKOOPP written decades ago by irascible old Gus T. Winz to help players get the most from outdoor table tennis.

The BCTTA: Then and Now

In the latest post in our “Investigating the BCTTA” series, we compare the mandate and mission original BC Table Tennis Association, started by Chandra Madhosingh in the mid-60’s, to today’s BCTTA, now completely unmoored from its original commitment to serve and build the table tennis community in BC. To order to learn about the BCTTA then and now, we spoke with dozens of adults, seniors and kids from the table tennis community.

Celebrate World Table Tennis Day!

Join Ping Pong In Vancouver in celebrating the ITTF Foundation’s World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) on April 23, 2024. On this date annually groups around the globe celebrate the world’s second largest participation sport. Last year there were more than 440 celebrations in 111 countries. We invite you to be part of Ping Pong In Vancouver’s week-long celebration of WTTD 2024 starting April 16.

The Vancouver Open Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament

Ping Pong In Vancouver is proud to be the parent of a new baby, our little VOOTTT, whose full name is (the) Vancouver Open Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament. Over the next month or so of gestation, our little concept will mature rapidly to become Vancouver’s first-ever outdoor table tennis tournament! This much we know for sure: the VOOTTT will be free to enter and will run over the month of May. Registrants will arrange matches with one another at any of the free outdoor tables in Vancouver or Burnaby. Results will be submitted and tallied on the website. That’s the outline. Details to follow…

Barriers To Table Tennis Access

Barriers exist that prevent table tennis players like you or your kids from accessing the sport in your community and schools. In this post, PingPongInVancouver.com takes a look at some of these obstacles and suggests what you can do to break down barriers as an empowered citizen and fan of table tennis.

Induct Dr. Chandra Madhosingh into BC Sports Hall of Fame

Chandra Madhosingh, who died in December of 2022, was known affectionately as the “father of table tennis in BC” for his life-long, multifaceted approach to developing table tennis programs throughout British Columbia. He started the now debased BC Table Tennis Association in the 1960’s with representatives from across the province and over the decades created a network of development services in every region of BC for table tennis players and officials. Let’s honour Chandra’s commitment to our sport posthumously by voting to induct him into the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

Introducing Secret Weapon Sports

PingPongInVancouver.com is pleased to announce that after a long search for a responsible event and gear sponsor, we have partnered with Secret Weapon Sports, a trusted local online source of quality table tennis equipment, shoes and clothing. Secret Weapon Sports was created in 2018 by Jason Li a table tennis player who responded to the dearth of local suppliers by creating his own store, providing lower mainland table tennis players with a competitive alternative to the big online shops.

My Year of Magical Thinking

From the author: “Here’s a lesson about being careful what you wish for. In a very short period of time, I had gone from being an average table tennis player to being voted in as the communications director of the BC Table Tennis Association (BCTTA). With the directorship came the capacity to initiate positive changes within an agency whose best days seemed to have passed. Or so I thought. This is a brief story of my year as a director of the BCTTA and what I found about about the state of the sport of table tennis in BC.

Bridgeport (BCTTA) Table Tennis Club

We were excited to visit the Bridgeport Table Tennis Club. It was the last remaining club close to Vancouver we had not yet checked out and reviewed. We stopped by on a chilly rainy winter day in late 2023 and discovered a rather cold venue, figuratively and literally. Only two or three of the dozen or so tables were occupied and the under-heated club seemed devoid of energy. Had we arrived at a bad time? We will never know. The unfriendly owner seemed uneasy, our visit was short, we did not play, and taking photos during our quick tour was verboten. We concluded that Bridgeport Table Tennis Club was not particularly friendly towards looky-loos like us.