Where to play table tennis in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam

We are Ping Pong In Vancouver

Your informed guide to where to play ping pong (table tennis) in Vancouver


Ping Pong In Vancouver is a website created by long-time table tennis players who love the sport and are committed to advocate for permanent public ping pong tables in parks. Why not? We do it for tennis, our sister sport, a sport not nearly as popular world-wide as table tennis. The primary reason table tennis is so popular is that it is accessible by anyone of any age. The equipment is inexpensive. Playing table tennis leads to physical and mental improvements, as the sport challenges speed, agility, balance, poise, hand-eye coordination and general motor skills development. The biggest barrier to participation is  accessing a table. Community centre table tennis programs are crowded and mostly limited to experienced players, and generally closed now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution is to create outdoor opportunities to play. The time has never been better to move towards a series of permanent, standardized, public table tennis installations in parks around the city. Do your part. Take our 5-minute survey. Tell us where you’d like to see a ping pong table in a park near you.

Get Ready, Get Set, Gear Up

Table tennis is second only to soccer in terms of participation. Around the world, over 10 million players of all ages and abilities compete in sanctioned tournaments each year. Here in Vancouver, you don’t need to be a geared-up competitive player to enjoy this fun and challenging activity. That’s right. All you need is a good pair of sneakers, a racquet (aka, a ping pong paddle), and a few spare balls. A decent pair of all-weather racquets and balls can be purchased locally at a number of specialty shops and box stores for as little as $30.

Go Play Ping Pong Near You!

Once you’ve got some basic gear, it’s time to find places to play. That’s where Ping Pong In Vancouver comes in handy. This website aspires to grow-up to be a database on where to play table tennis or ping pong here in the lower mainland. To that end, we are asking all businesses and community places offering ping pong to register with Ping Pong In Vancouver for free so that ping pong fans can find you with a simple Google search for “ping pong in vancouver”.

Vancouver's Official Outdoor Public Ping Pong Advocate

If there is anything our intrepid editors here at Ping Pong In Vancouver are passionate about, it’s public ping pong in parks. Our goal is to popularize the idea that simple ping pong infrastructure in Vancouver parks, on par ultimately with what is available for tennis, will become a springboard for children’s dreams of ping pong superstardom. This can be something great.